Be Patient 100%

I own & operate several different companies but they all usually float around the world of Real Estate but for the sake of this conversation we will focus on two of them, AccuTour & PRO Realty LLC. PRO Realty was founded back in 2013 & has been going strong ever since. My partner, Scott is a wellspring of knowledge & has been a mentor & friend since then. PRO Realty LLC has a handful of Realtors but we like to keep it small. PRO Realty assists buyers, sellers & leases in everything Real Estate. We service the Tri-County area of South Florida. 

Now AccuTour was born in 2015 out of the frustration of showing properties to potential buyers. I hated the quality & representation the properties we were getting so I did a ton of research & found a company out in CA that manufactured 3D cameras & jumped into it. My partner, Quinton & I started it with just him & I & have grown it to a company of 6 & we're growing every day. AccuTour is a premium digital media company. Although we started out just focusing on 3D virtual tours. We now offer HD Photography, Video production, Drone Photography, Drone Video Production, 3D Virtual Tours, Virtual Staging & much more. AccuTour services from Orlando down into the Keys. 


My name is Eddie Acevedo and I am a lover of all things awesome & unique, 100% Floridian, entrepreneur, Christian, husband, fur-father, tattoo collector & a collector of vintage arcade games. That basically sums up who I am in a nutshell. I've spent all of my life in the sunshine that is South Florida & I don't plan on going anywhere different any time soon. I grew up in Bay Harbor & Miami Shores went to FIU for my undergraduate work in History & went to Norwich University & got my Masters degree in Military history. I taught for about 6 years & then went on to blaze my own path. Along the way my wife & I got married adopted a ton of animals & now own a home in Margate FL. We will be married for 9 years in August of this year.

Q&A with Eddie

Q: What has been the best lesson that you have learned along your journey so far?

A: Be patient 100%. When I first started my companies I thought things would happen instantly & boy was I wrong. Nothing in entrepreneurship happens quickly. It all takes time & persistence. You just can't give up if things don't work out. Business is an ever-changing growing marathon not a sprint. I've only been in this game for the last 7 years & I see "want-trepreneurs" give up once things don't instantly happen.

Q: Why is this the best lesson that you have learned so far?

A: Patience is the best lesson that I've learned well because it's a virtue that everything rides on. If you're patient you can outlast the competition & plan long term. Of course, you need to have short-term goals but you've got to see the forest through the trees. If you come into business with this mindset you will be leaps & bounds above the rest.

Q: What advice do you have for a fellow entrepreneur who is experiencing the same issue that you dealt with?

A: I would say stay strong, stay focused & never give up. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other & you have a passion. That passion will spread like a flame to everyone else you come into contact with. Having been a long distance runner I have found that the mind will tell you to give up before the body really has to. So if you can overcome the "mind games" your business will bend to your will. Also, don't forget what you started for. So many times I see people start companies & then all of a sudden when things aren't working out they shift to something else. Just like a relationship, it takes patience to develop that strong tie. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

Q: What drives you to continue along your journey?

A: Honestly, I just won't give up. In my studies, I've read time & time again that hard work & a desire to win can usually overcome anything that gets thrown at it. I feel that God gave me the brain & the desire I have so if I don't constantly push & grow with it then I'm allowing the gift He gave me to die & that's just not cool. 

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote?

A: "Be like water." - Bruce Lee