Never Under Estimate the Power You Have to Motivate Others

I started reading a book called “She’s Still Here” by Christian Evans Hurst.  I was in a season where I felt like I was stuck and didn’t know what my purpose was in life.  As I journal and read, I figured out there are many other women out there like me.  They have a hard time finding their purpose. They have a hard time accepting themselves. I did my first speaking engagement in February 2018 and really had doubts, fear and anxiety that what I was about to talk about, no one would receive it and I felt I would fail them. I spoke on self-love.  I had to be transparent on my journey of self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack of self-worth.  To my surprise, it was well received!  All the women left with a compact mirror that had the following message on the back, “I Love ME!”


I am Shawniece Moore, founder and creative director of I am a mother, wife, career counselor and entrepreneur.  Uniquely Complex is a forum where I create blog content that deals with self-love, give inspiration and motivation to women to keep going and don’t quit.  I also dabble in fashion and beauty as my first passion coming out of high school was to work in fashion marketing and merchandising.  I started the blog in February of 2018 and launched in March of 2018.  I decided to launch my T-shirt line in August 2018.  I felt there was a need for positive vibes through apparel.  Most of the time, you feel good when you wearing something that make you feel confident in yourself.

What has been the best lesson that you have learned along your journey so far?

Never under estimate the power you have to motivate others.

Why is this the best lesson that you have learned so far?

Since my short time being an entrepreneur, I have learned that you will spend more than you earn at the beginning.  As soon as I sell a bulk of shirts, I have to turn around and order another bulk.  Or, I have to stay ahead and think of what my next design is going to be, what type of shirt to come out with next due to the change in the season. It is the best lesson so far because it will teach you quickly how to lower your expectations of your earnings early on.  I have read somewhere that your first 5 years are the toughest. You make income but you will put more out than you get in.  It will also teach you to budget accordingly.

What advice do you have for a fellow entrepreneur who is experiencing the same issue that you dealt with?

Please make sure you only are paying yourself 20% of your profit.  Most of it at the beginning should be going back into buying supplies and expenses of running your business.  If you don’t, you may end up not having enough product to keep up with the demand. Also, I don’t buy in large quantities.  For example, one of my t-shirts, the most I will get produced is 15 at a time. This is to ensure you don’t have a surplus of inventory.  Of course, if you are going to be a vendor at a conference, or an event, you will buy in a big bulk.

What drives you to continue along your journey?

My drive is my family.  This business is currently a side job for me as supplemental income.  I eventually want to be a motivational speaker who also have motivational apparel to go with it which will become my full time job.  This will allow me to have more time with my family, and focus on enjoying life.

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“You should not make yourself simple for simple-minded people.  If they cannot handle your uniquely complex self, that is their problem.” Shawniece Moore